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Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das- Breathtaking Major Predictions of 2024!

Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das – Around 500 years ago, a book named Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das, is a remarkable individual named Saint Achyutananda Das utilized his incredible yoga power to write a book called Bhavishya Malika. Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das is the book that has been making headlines recently, capturing the attention of many. It is worth noting that Saint Achyutananda Das has actually written a staggering 318 books about the future, Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das is one of these.

Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das, also known as Achyutananda Malika, provides fascinating insights into the Earth’s journey through three distinct phases. First, Kaliyuga, the age of darkness, will come to an end. Following that, great destruction will occur, marking the second phase. Finally, a new era will dawn, bringing about a fresh beginning.

The creation of Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das was a collaborative effort by five extraordinary saints – Achyutānanda Dasa, Sisu Ananta Dasa, Jasobanta Dasa, Jagannātha Dasa, and Balarāma Dasa. These revered individuals played a pivotal role in shaping the Vaiṣṇava philosophy, spiritualism, and literature of Odisha. Together, they are known as the Pancha-sakha or the five friends. It is fascinating to learn that these Panchasakha reincarnate on Earth during each cycle of the four yugas – Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kaliyuga.


At the conclusion of each Yuga, the Panchasakhas join forces with Lord Vishnu to establish righteousness and uphold Dharma. Once their divine duties are fulfilled, Lord Vishnu returns to his celestial abode, Goloka Vaikuntha. The Panchasakha, on the other hand, assume different forms in each era, diligently carrying out their assigned tasks before returning to the abode of Lord Vishnu. In kaliyuga, these Panchsakha together wrote the Bhavishya Malika, which is widely known as Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das, but in actual Bhavishya Malika is written by all these not just by Achyutananda Dasa Ji.

Who Were The ‘Panchsakhas’ in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das

Who Were The 'Panchsakhas'

Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das has numerous other sacred texts, it is recorded that during the Satya Yuga, the Panchasakhas were known by the following names:

  • Narad
  • Markand
  • Gargav
  • Swayambhu
  • Kripajal

These Panchasakhas took birth again at the end of Treta Yuga, at the time of establishment of Dharma by Lord Shri Ramchandra ji. Following were their names :-

  • Nal
  • Neel
  • Jamwant
  • Shushen
  • Hanuman ji

Even though Hanuman ji was born as an incarnation of Lord Shiva (Rudra Avatar), he selflessly aided Lord Ramchandra ji in the noble task of establishing righteousness by becoming one of the Panchasakha. Once their individual missions were accomplished, these devoted companions joyfully returned to the divine abode of Lord Vishnu.

During the Dwapara Yuga, a group of individuals known as the Panchasakhas were born to assist Lord Shri Krishna in his mission of establishing righteousness. In this particular era, the Panchasakhas played a crucial role in upholding Dharma. Here are the names of the Panchasakhas who emerged during the Dwapara Yuga:

  • Dam
  • Sudama
  • Subal
  • Subahu
  • Shribach

Around 500 years prior to the conclusion of Kaliyuga, under the guidance of the “Nirakar ji” (the formless Supreme God), the Panchasakhas descended upon the earth once more and bestowed upon us the sacred scripture known as ‘Bhavishya Malika’. In the era of Kaliyuga, these divine beings were known by the names:

  • Achyutananda Das,
  • Anant Das,
  • Yashovant Das,
  • Jagannath Das and
  • Balram Das

Lord Shri Narayan declares, “In times when violence, hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, and other negative emotions prevail over kindness, forgiveness, affection, love, and truthfulness, and the weight of sins increases upon the world, religion itself is at risk. In such moments, I shall manifest as Kalkiram to alleviate the suffering of my devotees, eradicate evil, safeguard the sages, and alleviate the burden on Mother Earth by establishing righteousness (Dharma). Even before my arrival, you have the power to unite and restore Dharma, crafting the Bhavishya Malika Granth to protect the devotees across the four ages.”

Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das is Granth in which all these 5 Sakha briefly explained about :-

  • How the world will end?
  • Why the world will end?
  • Major Predictions abut World War 3
  • Also, about more then 64 pandemic’s threat is mentioned in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das

There so many unsolved riddles in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das, some of them are decoded but still many of them are still remained unsolved. Many predictions came true in early period of time which are clearly mentioned in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das.

Some of the prediction which are written in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das are :

  • Flag of the Jagannath Temple sets on fire itself, which is mentioned in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das.
  • There’s a fact that no one ever sees any single bird who has passed over the temple, but in 2019 an Eagle came and sat on the top of the temple which is strange, also mentioned in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das.
  • One of the scariest things written in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das about the beginning clues- Drops of blood found inside the temple premises, this also happened last year.

Many peoples are scared because things written in Bhavishya Malika By Achyutananda Das are really scary, on the other hand, some people have another point of view that they are really happy or blissfull that maybe they can meet their Supreme Lord Vishnu as his tenth Avatar known as ‘Kalki Avatar’.

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