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Mt Wrangell Landslide: 3 Peoples Losts Their Lives!

Mt Wrangell Landslide

A Wrangell Landslide that ripped down a sopping, heavily forested mountainside in south-east Alaska killed three people, injured a woman and left three other people missing as it smashed into three homes in a remote fishing community, authorities said Tuesday. Fatal Landslide in Wrangell: Three Bodies Found, Search Continues During the initial search, rescue crews … Read more

Earthquake in Afghanistan Today News

Earthquake in Afghanistan Today News

Earthquake in Afghanistan Today News: Recently, an earthquake in Afghanistan just now has left people curious and concerned. Let’s delve into the details of this seismic occurrence and its implications. Does Afghanistan Have Earthquakes? Afghanistan, with its unique geographical location, is no stranger to earthquakes. The region’s geological characteristics make it prone to seismic activity. … Read more



On Sunday, August 20th, as local residents were gearing up for the arrival of Hurricane Hilary in Southern California, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake rumbled through most parts of Southern California, north of Los Angeles. EARTHQUAKE IN CALIFORNIA TODAY 2023 The earthquake struck around 2:41 PM local time (2:41 PM GMT), approximately 7 kilometers (4.35 miles) … Read more