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Firoza Khan (Khanzaadi) Biography & Boyfriend, Lifestyle

Lets start Khanzaadi Biography:

Indian rapper and songwriter Firoza Khan (Khanzaadi) is based in India. Assam is the birthplace of Khanzaadi. Khanzaadi stands five feet seven inches tall. Her three favorite singers are Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, and Eminem.

Khanzaadi’ s favorite colors are black, yellow, and red. Her favorite food is pizza. She enjoys traveling, writing, and composing. She weighs about fifty-two kg. Her eyes are black. She has brown hair.

Khanzaadi Biography

India’s Assam is where Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi was born. Her age is still unknown (as of 2022). Her horoscope’s sign is unknown in Khanzaadi Biography

At a neighborhood school in her hometown Assam, she finished her primary education. She then received admittance to an institution where she could finish her degree which was also in Assam.

Khanzaadi was born into a household of the middle class. About his siblings and other family members, not much is known.

Firoza Khan (Khanzaadi) Education

Firoza Khan, also known as Khanzaadi, was born in Assam, India. As of 2022, her age is still unknown. The sign of her horoscope is unknown.

She completed primary school at a neighborhood school in her hometown of Assam. She was then accepted into a university in Assam where she could complete her degree.


Khanzaadi was raised in a middle-class family. Not much is known about his siblings or other family members.

Firoza Khan (Khanzaadi) Parents & Boyfriend/Spouse


There are rumors that Firoza Khan, also known as Khanzaadi, is dating Jad Hadid.

Khanzaadi Hustle Rapper

Indian rapper and musician Firoza Khan is better known by her stage name, Khanzaadi. She was instrumental in getting MTV Hustle, the first rap show in India, to its second season with her tenacious work and strategic planning.

Khanzaadi Biography also regularly uploads rap videos to her YouTube page. She was able to get into the second season of MTV Hustle, which is India’s first Rap/Hip-Hop reality show. The team bosses for the tournament were Dino James, Dee MC, King, and EPR; Baadshah was the judge. The presenter for the event was Krissann Barretto.


She was chosen for the EPR Rebels group, so he can oversee her as she continues her journey within the program. Pink Indies played her song No Boundaries on shuffle, a narrative of a small-town woman who overcomes all difficulties to reach her dreams in a huge city, because she is such an inspiration to young people.

Khanzaadi Songs
  • Azaadi
    This song was sung by Azaadi Khanzaadi on MTV Hustle 2.0. YouTube posted the song on September 20, 2022. The song was published on the KaanPhod Music Channel. On October 11, 2022, there were one million views for the song.
  • Lady Don
    Lady Don Khanzaadi sang this song on MTV Hustle 2.0. YouTube posted the song on September 20, 2022. .. The KaanPhod Music Channel released the song. As of October 11, 2022, there were 0.7 million views for the song.
Khanzaadi Net Worth
Khanzaadi songs

As of 2022, Khanzaadi has a million dollar net worth. Songs and commercials are how she makes money. She also makes money from social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Khanzaadi’s Interesting Facts and Trivia

Apart from Khanzaadi Biography let’s know some interesting facts about her:

  • Khanzaadi was selected for the EPR Rebels group to oversee her progress in the program.
  • In addition, Khanzaadi has a sizable fan base on her well-known YouTube account, where she uploads all of her music videos.
  • Khanzaadi has performed popular songs such as Azaadi, Tarazu, and No Boundaries.
  • Khanzaadi is the name of her YouTube channel.
  • India’s Assam area is home to Khanzaadi.
  • Khanzaadi has been a part of the music industry since childhood.
  • Khanzaadi has worked with a number of well-known underground rap acts.
  • Eminem influenced Khanzaadi with his gifted rapping skills.

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