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Neeraj Chopra Asian Games 2023 Javelin Throw

Greetings, sports enthusiasts! Today, we witnessed history in the making at the Asian Games 2023 Javelin Throw final in the vibrant Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium. Neeraj Chopra, the name synonymous with javelin throw excellence, proved his mettle once again, securing the gold medal and etching his name in the annals of sports greatness.


From the very first attempt, Chopra exhibited sheer determination, launching the javelin between 80-85m, although a technical glitch prevented the exact measurement. However, Neeraj Chopra Asian Games 2023 Javelin Throw persevered, clinching the gold with an impressive 82.38m throw. Despite the intense competition, Neeraj Chopra stood tall, displaying unwavering resolve and unmatched skill.

neeraj chopra net worth in rupees 2023

Apart from his incredible achievements on the field, Neeraj Chopra’s success story is equally awe-inspiring off the field. His net worth stands at a staggering figure, with annual earnings of around INR 4 crores, including salaries and match fees. However, this constitutes just a fraction of his total wealth.

Neeraj Chopra Asian Games 2023 Javelin Throw

Chopra’s financial success is attributed to several lucrative sponsorships and rewards. Major contributors include the Haryana state government (INR 6 crores), Indian Railways (INR 3 crores), Punjab government (INR 2 crores), BYJU’s (INR 2 crores), BCCI (INR 1 crore), and the IPL team Chennai Super Kings (INR 1 crore). Moreover, he enjoys the perks of a grade-one government job from the Haryana government and free travel with IndiGo Airlines for a year, a testament to his outstanding achievements.

Which Brands Does Neeraj Chopra Endorse?

Neeraj Chopra’s impact goes far beyond the track. He has inspired countless individuals by strategically endorsing brands. One of his renowned partnerships is with Nike, a deal worth $50,000 since 2017. Whether on the field or off it, Chopra actively promotes Nike’s products, showcasing his aggressive approach to excellence.

Which Brands Does Neeraj Chopra Endorse?

Since 2015, Neeraj Chopra Asian Games 2023 Javelin Throw has received financial support and top-notch training facilities, thanks to his association with JSW Sports, a subsidiary of the JSW Group. In 2018, his collaboration with Gatorade led to the creation of powerful digital media advertisements, motivating young athletes worldwide.

where to watch neeraj chopra asian games

Neeraj Chopra Asian Games 2023 Javelin Throw On October 4th, starting at 4:30 PM, the Sony Sports Network will be broadcasting the Asian Games 2023 Javelin Throw final for those who want to follow Neeraj Chopra’s inspirational journey. Alternatively, sports enthusiasts can watch the live coverage of this exciting event directly on the Sony LIV app.

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